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Black wall paint
Black wall paint

Black wall paint - extravagant and extra cool.

Black as a wall colour initially sounds unimaginable. Anyone who shows courage and paints a wall with black interior paint will not regret it - even if it takes some getting used to at first. Because: The dark colour tone creates unique walls that surprise and give a room an impressive tension. Read here how the colour black works in the room and how it is best used. Be inspired by tips and services for colour design in the interior.

Unfathomable black

Black is a fascinating colur. It can appear dark and menacing – but also classic and elegant at the same time. It is the colour of darkness and calm and therefore has a subtle and calming effect. Above all, however, it offers a stage and sets strong contrasts. However, a balance is important here. Too much black is overwhelming and can turn in a bland direction.

Black defines spaces

By being visually restrained, black brings depth into the room. At the same time, the black surface creates an eye-catcher due to the strong contrast to light-colored walls. If black is too dark for you, go for anthracite. Wall paint in this deep grey shade makes rooms look serious and neutral.

It is prejudiced to say that black makes rooms appear smaller. The opposite is the case: the dark shade makes the room appear larger because it creates a feeling of infinity and thus gives more space. In addition, black wall paint makes lighter objects stand out – an effect that theatre stages also use.

The gloss level of the walls is particularly exciting with the colour black. Glossy surfaces appear deep and of high quality, and are livelier due to the shine. Cloth matt surfaces in black look classy and calm.

Design in black with Caparol

Especially when it comes to design with black colour, the overall concept is particularly important. The Caparol Colour Design Studio supports you here with its experienced team from architecture, craftsmanship and design with ideas and design tips for the design of your individual project.

Because the same applies here: black is not always black! Convince yourself with our black fan. With more than 26 fine black nuances, the fascination of black as a wall colour really comes into its own. Once you have decided on your perfect black tone, it is easy to mix it for you with our ColorExpress tinting service. 

Conclusion: Courage to use the colour black is worth it

  • Black is the colour of opposites, depending on the context, it appears calm and powerful at the same time - always fascinating in any case.
  • Alternatively, the colour anthracite is available, which looks a little lighter than black.
  • Black surfaces recede optically, they give the room depth and offer other colours a stage.
  • With the ColorDesignStudio, Caparol offers a reliable partner for individual design projects.
  • The Caparol black fan inspires with 26 fine nuances for every design wish.