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Beige wall paint
Beige wall paint

Beige wall paint - a timeless classic

Choosing the right colour is of great importance when interior design is imminent. Countless colour nuances in a wide range of colour shade collections are available here. Ultimately, it is not just a question of personal taste, the spatial conditions and lighting conditions, as well as the existing colours in the room also play a role. A classic interior colour is beige. This is timeless because it gives interior walls a particularly subtle look. In this article, we describe what distinguishes beige and what should be considered when choosing a colour. In addition, we list the assistance and services Caparol offers in this area.

Beige walls are timeless and understated

Not conservative – beige is always popular. The shade is considered reserved and uncomplicated and does not push itself into the foreground. However, it is precisely this restraint with subtle combinations that ensures a particularly noble and classic look. Numerous beige nuances are available for your own four walls. The beige colour palette ranges from mud and stone tones to coffee and light sand tones to soft creamy white.

Above all, delicate yellowish or reddish-beige tones ensure brightness in the room and convey a warmth that has a cosy effect and increases the feel-good factor. This is because beige and brown tones are reminiscent of nature and the earth and are associated with safety and security for evolutionary reasons.

Design options with beige

Wall paint in beige can be combined tone-on-tone and thus ensures a harmonious atmosphere that flatters any ambience. Due to the warmth it conveys, beige is particularly suitable for living rooms such as the living room or kitchen/living room. For an elegant look, beige nuances are combined tone-on-tone or sparingly with white, anthracite and/or light grey. With low colour contrasts, a very calm, elegant impression is created. Other earthy tones such as brown and stone grey work harmoniously with beige and create a homely character.

However, it is important to create a contrast, otherwise, the colour will quickly become bland and boring. There is a wide range of possibilities for this. Since a light beige works very well as a base tone and does not come to the fore, it can easily be combined with intensive shades. For example, warm-toned and homely to stimulating with orange or red nuances, or refreshing and relaxing with cool blue, green or violet. A classic is the combination of soft blue and blue-grey or blue-turquoise tones, creating an atmosphere like a day at the sea!

Design competence from Caparol

It is already certain that you will work with beige, but not which tone and in which combination? Do you find it difficult to specifically assess the colour effect in the room? We're here to help. Our colour collections offer many nuances from the beige spectrum and are available as a practical DIN A5 colour sheet. In contrast to commercially available colour fans with very small samples, the handy DIN A5 format enables a better assessment of the colour effect on the wall. In addition to this Caparol offers itself as a design partner, with over 40 years of experience, a broad team and in-depth expert knowledge, we are at your side with advice and action on the subject of colour and architecture.

ColorExpress tinting service from Caparol

Once you have decided on your individual beige tone, Caparol offers a professional tinting service with ColorExpress systems installed at our distributor's centres. With more than 8 million recipes, the high-quality pastes mix almost any colour as desired, especially numerous shades of beige.

Conclusion: Beige nuance

  • Beige conjures up a restrained and elegant look in every home.
  • The colour beige covers a wide range of shades between a soft creamy white and coffee-colored tones.
  • Beige is ideally suited as a base tone for interiors, as it can be combined with many intense shades.
  • Caparol offers original colour sheets in DIN A5 format to help you choose the colour.
  • With the ColorExpress tinting service, almost every beige nuance is professionally mixed in no time at all.