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stop mould
stop mould

Stop mould

System solutions for interiors

In the case of mould infestation, in addition to the unpleasant appearance, there is also a risk for the residents. Indoor mould can trigger sustained allergic reactions:

  • Cough,
  • Sniffles,
  • Languor,
  • headache,
  • rashes or
  • Irritations in the mouth and throat.

The list of possible symptoms is long. In order to remedy this, it is essential to combat the causes of mould - usually the interaction of increased room humidity, ambient temperature and nutrient supply. If there are no structural defects, such as thermal bridges, leaky roofs or cracked walls, insufficient or incorrect ventilation of the rooms will often be the reason for the mould infestation. If the cause of the mould formation is clear, careful remediation must be tackled quickly.

After the damage has been identified, suitable materials must be used that are specially formulated to solve such problem areas. On this page and in the brochure "Stop Stains and Mould" you can find out about suitable products and system solutions that have been tried and tested in practice.

Pretreatment and priming